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 Will you give me a detailed visualisation of the work?

Strata’s design service was set up for this reason. Seeing a plan view or section detail of a proposed landscape helps our clients to visualise their new garden. The design stage of a domestic garden is an exciting experience.

Do we need to wait for better weather to start our project?

No, we are not solely fair weather workers. There are however some tasks that should not be carried out in extreme weather e.g. brickwork, paving, pointing, but if continuing will not compromise the quality of the work then we will carry on. 



There is a manhole cover in my driveway, can it be removed?

Essential utilities such as manhole covers can disturb the clean lines of a patio or driveway. We recommend the use of recessed trays, that when professionally installed make the aforementioned eyesore all but disappear. 

What is a sub-base and do we really need one?

A sub-base is a layer of compacted granular aggregate,typically 100-150mm deep. Its purpose is to spread any imposed point loads overa wider surface area. Therefore a sub-base should always be installed,especially if the proposed                                                                                    pavement is to carry vehicular traffic.

We want to start a groundwork project and are worried about access        

 We do our utmost to provide solutions to access issues. We have a range of varying sized excavators available to us, the smallest of which could fit through a standard front door! Similarly lawns or patios can be protected with tracking mats. 

What if i want to change part of the design, but you have already started building?

Wherever possible we will work with you and adapt to changes in design. Some of our most successful projects have been changed part of the way through.

 We want to install a driveway, but are unsure as to how wide it should be?

                                                               Allowing 3 metres for each car leaves ample room for entering/leaving vehicles.

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